Hunting tourism

A Sharp Eye, Steady Hand And Good Hunting

Hunting tourism is the new concept characteristic for Continental Croatia. It is suitable for the development of tourist destinations in the countryside. It also prolongs the season from summer months to other seasons.

Hunting tourism is a specific form of tourism. As such, it has its own special characteristics.

Hunting involves four groups of activities:

Biological activity – farming and protection of game in controlled conditions. Caring about the population, the individuals and the spread of the species.
Extractive activity – For the conservation of certain species and their protection, permitted quotas must not be exceeded. It is strictly allowed the hunting time of a particular species. Hunting is done on the surface which is foreseen for this activity.
Organizational activity – Creation of co-operation between entities in hunting tourism market. Strengthen connections between hunting societies in different countries. Specialized tourist agencies that mediate between supply and demand in hunting tourism market. It creates a circle in which each participant has its role, obligation, and benefitValorization activity. – Providing hunting services to hunters-tourists. Other supporting services are included in the packages. Hunting packages are also instructive. Hunters-tourists are offered new experiences, they are getting the chances to know different destination and people, culture, lifestyle,…

Croatia is a country with great potential for development of hunting tourism with the diversity and dynamics of relief and rich fund of wildlife.
It is also one of the most afforested country in Europe.
The whole Republic of Croatia is one big hunting ground. In a small area there are lots of different landscapes and hunting challenges. Mediterranean climate, karstic islands, rocky Zagora, highland forests, Slavonian lowlands, Zagorje hills, wetlands, … Various landscapes and colorful climate; from harsh continental, over moderate to Mediterranean.

Croatia is well connected to Europe and for hunters from other countries, it is not difficult to find a way to rich Croatian hunting grounds.

Hunting tourism in Croatia attracts many tourists. They are mostly hunters from Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, …

Hunters can enjoy the beautiful nature, top gastronomy and the rich heritage.

Since hunting is not a cheap sport, hunters are especially appreciated and treated with special care. The goal is to approach to each hunter individually, and the service will always adapt to the hunters’ wishes.
Hunting should not be just a service, but an unforgettable experience. Besides hunting, we want to provide our hunters a handful of beautiful memories. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Hunting in Croatia in numbers

  • 63,000 hunters
  • 100,000 people have hunting weapons
  • 1106 hunting grounds
  • 3.7 million hectares of hunting areas
  • 80% of hunting grounds in the concession of hunting societies
  • 840 hunting societies gather Hunting Association

All forms of hunting known in the European area gets united in Croatia!

The preserved richness of plant and animal life is also evident at every step.

Croatia is rich in plant and animal life. In Croatian hunting grounds there are a number of large and small game, as well as various types feathered game.

The most important species of the big game are: deer, fallow deer, wild boar, road deer. The brown bear and wolf can be found in Mountain Croatia.

Small game: rabbit, pheasant, quail.

Besides the main species, there are some less represented species in the hunting grounds as well as seasonal species.

Northern Dilj is newly opened hunting ground with an area of 5700 hectares.

Northern Dilj is newly opened hunting ground with an area of 5700 hectares. It is located in Pozesko-Slavonska County, near Pozega. It is important to point out that the hunting ground is located near major Slavonian centers, so it has an easy access.

The hunting ground is a part of the mountain of the same name that allows game breeding in their natural habitats. The goal is to ensure and continue to create favorable conditions for game and hunters. Hunting ground dominates with large and small game. The most important big ones are deer, fallow deer, wild boar and roe deer and of small ones are rabbits and pheasants. Besides the main ones, there are others, less represented species as well as seasonal game species.

In Sky House we offer 2 hunting packages to hunters and nature lovers. Once you purchase them you can use them as many time as you like for the duration of one year.