1.1. Tourist agency Sky House d.o.o. (hereinafter “the Agency”)
Cetvrt Zarka Drazojevica 6, HR 21310, Omis, OIB: 97282011709,
ID code: HR-AB-21-060352304, warrants that it is registered for the activities of tourist agencies and is engaged in this activity in accordance with the Law on Provision of Tourism Services and in accordance with other applicable Croatian laws.
1.2. The Agency guarantees its guests the truthfulness and credibility of the photographs and data relating to the described accommodation units. All data and photos, as well as sales conditions, are published on the official website of the Agency:
1.3. The Agency guarantees that the guest will receive the booked accommodation, at the agreed price and the term. Exceptions are elemental disasters, war, unfortunate weather conditions etc.
1.4. By renting or using a Sky House agency service, a guest becomes a part to a lawful relationship with the Agency and by signing the Contract, it is considered that the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions of Sky House d.o.o. Each item and obligation in the contract and offer becomes a legal obligation of the guest and the Agency. In the event of a dispute between the guest and the Agency, the General Conditions of Business will be used as evidence in legal proceedings, and it will be considered that the guest is familiar with the same.


2.1. The Sky House agency provides private and hotel accommodation services.
2.2. Due to extensive private accommodation offers, the Agency uses the following tags:
A – apartment – a self-contained accommodation unit with one or more rooms, a kitchen and a minimum of one bathroom. It can be part of a larger facility that can accommodate multiple accommodation units. The kitchen, the room and the bathroom are not shared with other guests.
AS – studio – studio apartment in a house is an object where guests are offered accommodation services. It is equipped so that a guest can stay in one room, sleep and prepare and consume food. It has a separate bathroom and can be part of a larger facility with multiple accommodation units. Breakfast, half board and board services are available in the studio apartment.
S – room, sleeping accommodation with sleeping area. Possibility to share the bathroom with other people. Some rooms have shared kitchen facilities but often a guest can be charged for usage.Food preparation is not possible, but you can pay extra for breakfast / lunch / dinner. There may be multiple accommodation units in the entire property.
K – house, accommodation unit refering to the entire facility. It consists of one or more rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a minimum of one bathroom, and most commonly has a garden with a swimming pool and various additional amenities. There are no owners or other guests in it..
2.3. The accommodation units also have their own abbreviated code. A little letter in the code says that this accommodation unit is not the only accommodation unit in the facility, but there are more. Eg., Accommodation facility AS-123-b, indicates accommodation unit studio apartment, and also tells you that within the whole facility there is also a safe studio apartment a.
2.4. Apart from the code of the accommodation unit, the numbers are in brackets. These b numbers indicate the number of beds of the accommodation unit. The right number indicates standard bed, and the left number of possible added beds. Eg. AS-123-b (4 + 1) means studio apartment b has 4 standard and 2 extra beds

2.5. Special beds are considered all beds that are not in the bedroom and beds in the bedroom that are not standard beds. The extra beds are usually plain beds or stretching couches. A guest can always ask from the Agency to take a look at additional bed.
2.6. The kitchen of the accommodation units must have standard appliances that include refrigerator, sink and stove. All additional appliances, are a good will of the landlord and it’s up to him whether they will be charged for their use. Hot water is not required in the kitchen.
2.7. If the Agency does not have available images of certain areas in the accommodation unit, you can replace the appropriate symbol on your pages and presentations that are not needed to be seen in real condition


3.1. All inquiries that the guest has must be submitted in writing to the Agency . If a guest can not decide what he wants or does not have a specific option to satisfy his / her need for tourist activities, he or she may contact the Agency staff for help or advice. All inquiries will be sent to the Agency by mail to or via the form on the official website of the Agency. In order to enable the Agency to provide the customer with the appropriate service, the customer should include certain items according to which the Agency staff will create and submit the offer (arrival and departure time, number of people, accommodation type, number of guests and any additional wishes or remarks the guest has). For all information the guest can contact the Agency by telephone, but the final inquiry must be submitted in writing!
3.2. If a guest receives and agrees to the desired option, he or she will be required to submit a reservation request to the Agency for realization. If the guest does not know how to do it, the Agency staff is at your service for any kind of assistance or counseling.


4.1. The reservation request is simplified and sent in a way that the form provided on the website of the Agency is met. The guest is obliged to enter all the information requested by him for the request to be accepted.
4.2. After a guest submits a reservation request, the Agency sends a feedback by e-mail to inform the guest about the successful submission of the Reservation Request and the General Terms and Conditions that the Guest needs to read.


5.1. During the guest’s cooperation with the Agency, the guest leaves their personal information. Guest personal details are needed to make the Agency’s staff more insight into guest wishes and maximally tailor the desired service to those wishes and finally realize it. Personal data is also needed to continue communicating with the guest.
5.2. The Agency agrees that the personal data of the guest will not in any way be misused, be brought out of the Agency or given to a third party without the consent of the guest.
The agency will use the personal information of the guest only for the purpose of achieving the desired services.


6.1. Payment of the reservations can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Guests who are required to enter the Republic of Croatia with a visa are not able to make a reservation with a credit card.
6.2. By paying a credit card booking, the guest account is charged for the kuna equivalent of the pre-calculation amount, calculated at the CNB’s middle exchange rate on the settlement date. The guest account can be charged for the minimum amount of possible exchange rate differences.
6.3. For the final confirmation of the reservation, the guest is obliged to pay the advance on the Agency’s account.
6.4. The remaining amount of the reservation amount from the estimate may be paid by the guest in two ways:
on the day of arrival, directly to the landlord
no later than 30 days prior to arrival to the Agency account
6.5. When booking a hotel accommodation, the guest is required to pay the full amount to the agency’s account at least 30 days prior to arrival.
6.6. When submitting a pre-invoice, the guest will be informed about the amount of advance payment and the method of payment.
6.7. By paying the reservation, the guest confirms that he is fully acquainted and accepts all the conditions and characteristics under which the accommodation facility is offered. At the time of booking, all that is stated in the General Terms and Conditions, becomes a legal obligation for both the guest and the Agency.


7.1. Each accommodation unit has its own price that can be different from the price of the other accommodation facilities.
7.2. In each accommodation facility the prices are especially prominent at a valid price list. The prices are shown in Euros. The kuna equivalent value will be expressed in the account (possible minimum exchange rate differences).
The price includes: rent of accommodation, weekly change of bed linen, use of household appliances, costs of directing etc.
7.3. The price of the accommodation unit does not include additional services (use of air conditioning and washing machine, pet, boat rental or connection) and the guest pays specially for them. The price of additional services is charged exclusively if a particular service is used. Additional services may not always be available to guests, but guests must provide them when making a reservation request.
7.4. Renters sometimes seek a deposit from a guest. Deposit to the landlord serves as a guarantee that the guest will not make damage on the rented accommodation unit and furniture. Once the landlord is satisfied that the rented accommodation unit is in a state in which he is handed over to the guests, the landlord will refund the amount of the deposit in full.
7.4. For all additional payments, deposits and any overdrafts, the guest will be notified at the latest when submitting a pre-invoice.
7.5. The calculation serves as an agency guarantee that guest accommodation will be available at the price from the pre-invoice.
7.6. If the Agency, after sending a pre-invoice, declares the price of the accommodation unit, the guest is not entitled to a more favorable price.
7.9. If the guest is a permanent client of the Agency, the Agency has the right to a guest discount that will be proportional to the number of season in which the guest accommodation is booked through the Agency.
7.10. If the guest has booked accommodation several times in a season, the discount for a permanent guest is not valid.
7.11. If a guest has used the services of the Agency as a member of a group during the previous season, the corresponding discount for the old guest will be eligible if it is indicated as a member of the agency in the agency records.
7.12. For canceled and unrealized bookings, guests are not eligible for a discount.
7.13. At the last minute of the service, no extra discounts can be made.


8.1. Accommodation units from the Agency’s offer are neatly categorized and properly described after the Agency’s employees have seen the realistic state of accommodation units.
8.2. Standard accommodation, food and other services differs in places and countries.
8.3. The information that a customer receives in direct contact with the Agency’s staff does not oblige the Agency more than the information published on the Agency’s website.
8.4. The arrangement of the rooms in the accommodation unit determines the reception of the accommodation unit. If the guest has not expressed the wish for a special room / apartment, he will accept the room he has been assigned to.
8.5. The Agency guarantees that in each accommodation unit, according to the number of persons foreseen, guests will be provided with enough kitchen utensils and cutlery. The guest will also receive clean and neat accommodation as well as clean sheets. Bed linen will be changed once a week if guests stay longer.
8.6. Guests check in on the first day is after 14:00 and check out on the day of departure before 10:00 h, so that the accommodation provider can arrange accommodation for new guests. There are deviations from this rule. If changes are made, the Agency will inform the guest on time of arrival / departure.
8.7. The key to the rented accommodation units, the guest receives directly from the renter in the accommodation unit or at the intended address that will be marked on the voucher.


9.1. The Agency reserves the right to change or cancel a reservation in the event of an emergency situation (sanitary disturbance) at the time of guest arrival on the rented accommodation unit.
9.2. If the Agency is able to, the guest will be offered alternate accommodation, but only with his consent. If the replacement accommodation is cheaper than the canceled accommodation, the Agency will pay the guest the difference in price. If the replacement accommodation is more expensive than the canceled accommodation, the Agency reserves the right to charge the difference.
9.3. If guests have booked their arrival with advance payment, the Agency is obliged to notify the guest immediately after the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances and if it is able to find replacement accommodation. If it is not possible to find replacement accommodation, the Agency is obligated to refund the amount of the paid advance.
If the Agency refunds the amount of the advance, the guest is not entitled to any other claims.
9.4. These provisions shall apply only where exceptional circumstances have not been granted by subordination of higher forces and if the circumstances have been exclusively affecting the accommodation unit


10.1. The guest can change the defined reservation with the sole consent of the service provider. The change can be made by: the holder of the reservation, the lease of the lease, the number of people and their age, the type of reserved service or the method of payment.
As well as a reservation request, the request for a change of reservation is made solely in writing (e-mail, SMS, fax).
10.2. New changes are charged for new billing and require administrative costs that depend on the date of submission of a reservation change request.
To change the reservation requested by the guest until 21 days prior to the beginning of the leased service, the Agency charges an administrative fee of € 30.
To change the reservation requested by the guest 20 and less days before the beginning of the use of the leased services, the Agency charges an administrative fee of 45 €.
10.3. Changing reservation parameters is not possible after the guest has already started using the leased service.
10.4. If a guest requests a change to the booking term, the replacement term must be in the same season. Otherwise, it is considered that the reservation has been canceled and the Agency will calculate the foreseen costs.
10.5. If the guest decides to change the already modified and re-confirmed reserve, the management fee will be re-calculated according to the above-mentioned principle. The administrative cost will be calculated and the guest will decide again on the original version of the reservation.
10.6. If the guest wants to cancel the reservation, he must do so in writing (e-mail, fax, mail, SMS).

10.7. On the day the Agency receives a written notice of cancellation, it is the day for the calculation of the cancellation deadlines:
For cancellations up to 29 days prior to commencement of use of the leased service, the Agency charges 30% of the total rental price for manipulative and administrative expenses. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
For cancellation from 28 to 22 days prior to commencement of the use of the leased service, the Agency charges 40% of the total price of the rented accommodation. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
For a cancellation of 21 to 15 days prior to commencement of use of the leased service, the Agency charges 60% of the total price of the rented accommodation. The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
For the cancellation of 14 to 8 days before the beginning of use of the leased service, the Agency charges 80% of the total rental price (ie 100% of the total rented price in the lighthouse). The rest of the money is returned to the guest at the expense of the recipient.
For cancellations up to 7 days prior to commencement of use of the leased service, the Agency charges 100% of the total rental price.
If a guest does not appear at the destination or after the commencement of use unjustifiably denounces the leased service, the guest is not entitled to a subsequent claim for the paid amount (including the amount paid by the customer directly to the service provider).
10.8. If the guest does not arrive until 20:00 hrs on the day of the beginning of the rented accommodation unit and does not inform the Agency or the service provider about his / her delay, the reservation shall be considered as canceled on the day of arrival, the cost of the accommodation shall be calculated according to the above mentioned procedure.
If the service provider receives other guests in the meantime, the guest is not entitled to the objection and refund of the funds paid.
10.9. If the guest, when canceling the reservation, finds other guests who will use the same reservation, the guest will only calculate the administrative costs of reservation change.
10:10. Replacement of the booked accommodation unit to another accommodation unit, different owner, is considered as a cancellation of the reservation and then the guest will be charged the cancellation fee on the specified scale. Any difference will be recognized when a new reservation is made.
10:11. If the reservation is canceled due to the death of the guest or a member of his immediate family, the Agency shall only calculate the minimum 30% cancellation fee, provided that the Agency has evidence that the person was registered as a member of the group.

10:12. The guest is obliged to submit to the Agency a death certificate and any evidence of relatives of the deceased person with the reservation holder or member of the group.
10.13. Cancellation of the reservation caused by any other reason will be solved with the payment of the calculation of the cancellation costs.
10:14. Calculation of the cost of the cancellation of the agency to the guest in writing. The guest is obliged to pay the Agency the cancellation fee within 15 days.


11.1. The Agency is obliged to ensure that the guest receives the leased service and takes care of the rights and interests of the guest in accordance with the aspects of tourism.
11.2. The Agency is obliged to ensure that the guest is provided with all the services provided at the agreed price and under the agreed terms. Otherwise, the agency responds to the guest due to possible default.


12.1. Guest is obliged to:
have valid travel documents for all people (including travel documents for children and mandatory pet documents). Costs of loss or theft of documents during the trip are the guests responsibility;
oblige to the customs and foreign currency regulations of the Republic of Croatia as well as the countries through which the guest is traveling;
to check whether a visa is required for him/her  to enter the Republic of Croatia or in the transit countries. The Agency does not provide visitor access services, and reserves the right to calculate the cancellation costs in accordance with items 10.7. in case the required documents for entry into the Republic of Croatia are not issued to the guest;
upon arriving at the leased accommodation unit, the service provider must present a voucher with the exact number of persons and the type of services to be provided to him;
on the day of arrival to the leased accommodation unit, the service provider settles the remaining part of the reservation and settles the cost of additional services (if used) and deposits the deposit (if it is specified on the voucher) if it has not done so before;
come to the accommodation unit in the correct number and with the exact structure of the person he announced to the Agency. If more than one person or a different structure of the person arrives in the booked accommodation unit than indicated on the voucher, the service provider has the right to deny the service to unannounced guests or to request an extra charge for them;
announce arrival with a pet for the provider to give his or her explicit consent. The service provider has the right to deny the guest service if he insists that the leased accommodation also uses the unproduced pet;
inform the Agency of all relevant facts that may affect his / her stay in the booked accommodation unit (eg allergy and illness of the guest, guest disability, non-standard size car, need for bed of non-standard length, special dietary requirements if a guest orders a meal, etc.)
comply with the House Order in the leased accommodation unit (the House Order is also available on the Agency’s website) and cooperate with the Service Provider in good faith.
12.2. If the guest does not colaborate by the above mentioned services, he may be denied the reserved accommodation without the right to refund the funds paid.


13.1. Since the customer is carrying luggage at his own risk, luggage insurance is recommended to the insurance company.
13.2. The Agency is not responsible for destroyed, lost or stolen luggage in the unit. A report of the damaged, lost or stolen luggage is registered by the guest at the nearby police station and informs the service provider.


14.1. The guest has the right to complain if the accommodation unit is not like in the photographs and data received by the guest and if the accommodation unit is not in good condition or the service provider is improperly behaving towards the guest.
14.2. The Agency is not liable for any unfulfilled services that the guest did not make prior to arrival in the accommodation unit he / she has leased.
14.3. The agency is not responsible for the operation of shops and restaurants near the leased accommodation unit. Information about them is of a purely orientational nature and the client has no right to object to them.
14.4. The guest has no right to complain about the facts that were published on the Agency website and did not notice them, or to the facts that the guest informed of the Agency’s staff.
14.5. The guest does not have the right to complain about unfavorable climate conditions, destination availability, cleanliness and temperature of the sea, proximity and cleanliness of the beach, etc. as well as any complaints that have no direct connection with the accommodation unit.
14.6. The guest is obliged to file a complaint the same day as soon as he sees the problem. If the problem arises during the guest’s stay, then the complaint may be filed later. In case the objection is filed beyond the agreed deadline, it will be considered as unfounded.
14.7. An objection can be filed by telephone or in writing.
14.8. The Agency may receive a complaint every working day during working hours.
In case the guest is not able to send an e-mail or SMS, he can call the Agency through the phone of the service provider. If the lines are busy, the guest needs to call again because objections over the agreed deadline are not respected!
14.9. The Agency undertakes to start addressing the complaint as soon as it receives the complaint. If the Agency does not contact the service provider within two hours, the guest has the right to leave the accommodation unit and is entitled to a refund of the funds paid on the agency’s expense.

14:10. The guest and the Agency should work together to eliminate the problem.
14:11. Any established objection will result in the elimination of the problem or by reducing the price of the reserved service.
14:12. The highest paid compensation per complaint may go up to the amount paid to the Agency.
14.13. The guest disclaims the claim for compensation for immaterial and material damage (stress, mental pain, telephone cost, fuel cost).
14:14. If the Agency objects to the objection as unfounded, it will not act to resolve the cause of the complaint. The guest is able to accept such a decision and, in accordance with the pre-arranged conditions, stay in the leased accommodation or ask the Agency to offer him a replacement accommodation, which is obliged to pay the full amount to the new service provider.
14:15. The Agency is obliged to make a written decision on a properly filed complaint within seven days of its receipt. The Agency may postpone the deadline for the collection of the complaint for the purpose of collecting information and reviewing the complaint with the service provider for a maximum of 14 days.
14:16. Until the Agency issues a ruling, the client waives the mediation of any other person, arbitration by UHPA, a court institution or the provision of information in public media. If a guest has acted in contravention of this provision, the breach of the procedure, and regardless of the allegation of the allegation, the Agency is entitled to seek compensation for the damage it would have caused such a guest’s proceedings.


15.1. The Agency excludes any liability in the event of a change or failure to perform services caused by a special circumstances  in the territory of the host country or the territory of the country where the service should be performed (war, disorder, strikes, terrorist actions, elemental disasters, intervention of competent authorities, etc.) the inability of a guest to spend a holiday in a reserved accommodation unit. In these cases, the advance payment will not be refunded to the guest. Advance payments can not be accepted for reservation of alternative accommodation in another accommodation unit. The provisions for cancellation of booking are applied.
15.2. The Contracting Parties agree that the Agency may change the price and after the confirmed reservation, but only in the event of a change of currency or price of other services affecting the price. If the price increase exceeds 10%, the guest has the right to cancel the reservation. Then the guest is entitled to a refund of the funds paid without the right to compensation.

15.3. Any dispute between the parties will be resolved by agreement. In the event that the parties fail to resolve the dispute, they agree that the dispute will be settled for that competent court in Split.
15.4. Anything not specifically set forth in these General Terms shall be governed by the legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia which are in force.