Hunting in Croatia

Croatia is a country of a rich hunting tradition, attractive hunting areas, and diverse wildlife. Modern organized hunting in Croatia began in 1881 and by then hunting had a double role throughout the history. The majority of poorer and mainly rural population found hunting extremely important for daily survival struggle, since it represented an important food source, while the wealthy aristocratic minority hunted for fun, pleasure or social status confirmation.

In 1881, the Government of the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia decided to confirm so-called “Hunting Rules” developed by “Society for the defense of hunting in the Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia” and already in 1882 the society published “The First Common Croatian Hunting and Fishing Cultivation Society Courier ”. Even before these decisions and actions the well-organized hunting already existed, which was mainly due to people from the existing social elite, who have contributed to the common understanding of overall hunting development in Croatia.
Geographical location and natural features of Croatia, make hunting a variety of wildlife throughout the country.

Hunting grounds in Croatia

  • In the eastern lowland Croatian regions, Slavonia and Baranja, it is possible to hunt deer, Roebuck, wild boar, and the small, hairy and feathery fowl.
  • In central Croatia, it is also possible to hunt all the wildlife above, while in the area of Lika and Gorski Kotar it is possible to hunt bear and grouse.
  • On the coast of Dalmatia, the special attraction is hunting chamois and mouflon, and the specific types of small game birds that inhabit high altitudes like the rock partridge, grouse, and the hryvnia.
    For each of these areas, in addition to a variety of hunting game, and a specific way of hunting, hunting practices, breeds of hunting dogs, etc.

In a country of only 56,594 square kilometers (5,659,400 ha), under the forest is two million hectares, more than 400 thousand hectares of open or semi-open wilderness, and almost five million hectares consists of various hunting grounds (1060). In the small space available are very diverse landscapes: the Mediterranean islands, the seaside and inland, mountain evergreen forests interspersed with clearings, hilly areas of deciduous forests and expanses of ancient lowland forests, flood plains of large rivers and swamps that fester life.


The diversity of the landscape offers a thousand opportunities for hunters any preferences from hunting with birds of prey to cope with the big game. Croatia has regulated hunting, which is based on a long hunting tradition. The state coat of arms, which is a synthesis of historical heraldry of its regions, see the pine marten. And national currency kuna is named after the medieval means of payment – pine marten fur.

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10% Of Croatia consist of national parks and reservs

Croatia has produced the biggest Axis deer in the world

Croatia has more than 2,700 hours of sunny days every year!

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