Must see places in Dalmatia: THE CETINA CANYON


"It is not because
 I love the Cetina River;
 but, such a town
 I have never seen.
 O my God, - the Cetina!"  
 Josip Pupačić

The words above were written by a Croatia’s poet who was born in the backyard of the River Cetina.  It was written on a paper much earlier than Cetina has become one of the top Croatia tourists destinations. But, years later those words still describe the exact feeling of enchantment that the canyon leaves deeply impressed on your heart. 



Along its way Cetina river has cut its way to the sea in the fields and rocks, creating lakes surrounded by rich vegetation as well as canyons deeply cut-in between imposing cliffs.  The nature surrounding it is still untouched and virgin clean.

It offers a whole range of activities. From quiet meditation to extreme sports activities. From family fishing to zip-line through steep mountain cliffs.

Sky house Tourist Agency is your door to Cetina’s world of possibilities.  Contact us. 

Dream it and dare to feel it.



Today, at 1-st of May, locals and the tourists from whole Dalmatia and Croatia, are traditionally going on one-day excursions along the Cetina canyon. Some of those more extremes are making it last for even more days. You could call it a sort of Robinson’s tourism.

So, if you still have your doubts where to drink a cup of coffee today.

Grab those ones you love, and seize this sunny day.

See you there 😉

Sky house team




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