Adriatic Charter

Rent a boat with a crew and set sail into the blue adventure is the best way to get to know the beauty of the Adriatic coast and its thousands of islands. These trips allow you to enjoy nature, rich cultural and historic heritage and diverse cuisine.

CroAgency_skyhouse_croatia_touristagency (28)These “floating hotels” allow you to wake up every morning in a different story, and your crew are happy to look after you and are always available. Each ship has a bar and a service of pension. If you’re a fan of cycling and walking tours, you can enjoy them through our cruise.

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Taking into account your wishes we create a cruise that will remain long in your memory. Spend Your vacation with family and friends sharing this beautiful sea story. Clients who wish to make their own itinerary can rent one of the vessels and consult with the captain about route, food arrangements and every other detail.

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