Whether you are on the Croatian coast, hills, or plains, you can plan your special trip anywhere that will change you both inside and out.

Action, baby!

We look best when we feel best, and nothing beats the feeling of adrenaline as it rushes through our bodies. An active holiday will do just that. Be it hiking, cycling, horseback riding, scuba diving, skydiving, canoeing, or yoga on the beach – when you feel good, it shows!
Mens sana in corpore sano!



Wellness oasis

Relax in one of over 80 wellness centres across Croatia. We warmly recommend the Kvarner region and city of Opatija, renowned as the wellness oasis of Croatia!



Feel like a god(dess)

Give yourself a proper royal treatment using therapeutic mud near Queen’s Beach in Nin. The treatment consists of covering yourself in mud, followed by sun tanning, and finally rinsing off the mud in the warm sea. Its beneficial effects are proven by thousands of visitors and a long tradition that goes all the way back to Roman times. It is no coincidence that the Liburnian deity Venus Ansotica was discovered in this very place!


Sexy bites

You probably already know that Istrian truffles and Dalmatian oysters are the ultimate aphrodisiacs, but Pag cheese has a high concentration of zinc and thus carries the title “sexy mineral”. Season it with the finest Croatian wines and champagnes and no one will be able to resist you!


The drink of the gods

Visit wine events such as the Ilok Grape Harvest in the regions of Srijem and Slavonia, enjoy culinary delicacies and the sunset at Urbanovo in Međimurje, or star gaze from Istrian hills like Motovun with celebrated Istrian wine varieties.



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